For Lack of a Better Title: Remarkable Things.

I’m apparently terrible at keeping a blog.

I have done remarkable things. And I have met remarkable people. I’m quite inclined to leave it there, as any feeble attempt to describe my life here wouldn’t do it justice. Alas, I don’t have the luxury.

Recently, I went to Kutna Hora, a small city about an hour outside of Prague famous for its bone church and several other beautiful cathedrals. If you click on any of the pictures, a lovely gallery will appear, and you can get a better look at the morbidity that is the bone church. It was quite awesome, and, if you like a bit of black humor, you’d appreciate the nonchalance with which all of these human bones were artfully arranged, or casually piled. It was a pretty hilarious place in that sense. The chandelier in particular was a sight to behold. Take a look.

Apart from the bone church, there were a few other cathedrals we visited. However, one in particular stood out to me: St. Barbara’s. It’s pretty much a given that cathedral interiors are majestic, to say the least. But the exterior of St. Barbara’s was… nothing short of breathtaking. I truly cannot describe the feeling that came over me when I first saw this place. I came to the Czech Republic partly because gothic architecture appeals to my childish whimsy. If I imagine hard enough, I can pretend to be a horse-riding, sword-brandishing, dragon-slaying, medieval heroine. But this place… I didn’t even have to try. It had the element of magic I’ve always dreamt of, and I was transported to a world where it was all real for a moment.

As we were leaving, I quite literally felt pangs of pain, and looked over my shoulder several times. I simply didn’t want to be parted from such profound beauty. I knew when I came home (to my Prague apartment) that I’d had a remarkable day.

I’ll miss this place.

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